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Convict Conditioning Down Under

Montage of Australian COVID-19 Government Insanity circa July - September 2021
Originally posted on the #HIVE blockchain here.

Greetings all and a special greeting to my fellow Australians.

I am partway through a large project where the accumulation of files I collected from the start of the #coronavirus, #covid-19 #plandemic is being sorted into categories. It's a big workload (as you can imagine) yet I feel I must do it as it's going to be the best way for me to come to terms with what I went through, what we all went through.

A lot of us (especially Australians) have repressed the brutality we endured psychologically, physically and emotionally at the hands of tyrannical governments. That much is common ground for everyone worldwide, a scar shared and spread certainly....

But what's the excuse we tell ourselves today?
Look in the mirror; speak and listen to what you say.
Is there a way to seek internal appeasement of wounded pride.
By continuing to scrimp, stay enslaved and hide?

When I found this video amongst the many others I've accumulated, I watched it.
I have no memory of when I downloaded the video or if I watched it at the time so when viewing it, I was battered by a turbulent sea of emotions seemingly so long forgotten but in reality totally repressed. To remember some of the headlines, screenshots and social media posts individually didn't blast me like watching this video montage does now. When you watch it yourself, ask yourself whether you repressed or intentionally forgot the traumas too?

These images from Australia-wide that are barely a year old?

I don't know who made it but the title they chose is most suitable: Convict Conditioning...

The Australian Flag Should Still Be Hoisted & Flown Upside-Down

Is This What a Police State Looks Like?

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Elucidating the Obfuscated
Elucidating the Obfuscated