Elucidating the Obfuscated | Daniel 10:19 | Deocculting Dystopia

I am an extremely peaceful Investigator, Artist and Writer branching out via Substack after 5 years of publishing onto the immutable #HIVE blockchain

Planned Projects for Substack

My initial priority is to publish educational content & resources for #OSINT, Esoteric Research, Historical Revisionist articles. I enjoy the art of writing, testing structures, syntax, orthodoxy of literature so Substack Subscribers can expect various other philosophical musings or worthwhile reporting to be published here.

Eventually I will split subjects up into separate Substack Newsletters. Eventually I will look at monetizing / paywalling some of my work on here.

Other Links

My #HIVE Blockchain blog
My Twitter - @VespertineBest
Start.me splash page for #OSINT tools, resources, guides, archives
My Ko-Fi.com for fiat donations

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Hello? Yes, this is expert... I'm an artist, writer and investigator starting out on substack because I lost my career due to medical militia mandates. Donate / Crypto https://ko-fi.com/aagabriel HIVE: @aagabriel