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whatever the fuck "Health Equity" tries to masquerades itself as.

Like The Voice (TM) it's Communism-Fascism-Totalitarianism. Only the power structure benefits. Or as my Aboriginal neighbour says "more white blackfella bullshit." They're not fooling anyone. Only self-hating whites and the grifters are laughing all the way to the bank.

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Holy crap! This is such excellent post! I'm beyond being frustrated, I'm bloody angry. Between Flannerys, Swans and dozens of others, it looks like this prof. of

Health Equity (whatever the hell that is, to do with what? "equal health distribution"??) Fran's is out there with US VP Harris in cooking word salad abilities. Little wonder there's such cognitive dissonance among them, they're plainly not able to express themselves coherently. You read stuff like this and it's just nothing to take home mumbo-jumbo with fancy words.

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Gotta say, I never heard of these mobs before now.

I am concerned about this verbal diaheara on Heat waves. This last summer I noticed a trend on the weather reporting of multiple +35 degrees days being a "heat wave".

+40 degrees used to be a heat wave.

How long until +30 degrees will be considered deadly?

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