Shit mate I am so sorry to hear that. Let's catch up again soon.

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Sorry about your family, but good for you for staying away from the poison! Most of my family took the shots except for my two siblings and I.

I sent warnings and plenty of info to most of them. Some were hell bent that I needed to protect myself with the poison. No to the hell, no. I knew the plan with these shots!

My uncle is currently in ICU with blood clots and severe anemia after 2 shots, 2 boosters, a flu shot and whooping cough shot. He's 87 and seems to be getting better. Will hopefully be discharged soon. My family has some good genes and are not easy to kill!

My uncle told his daughter he has never felt well since the last two shots. She did not believe him. Now she does!

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I am a long way from my family and dreading finding out that they are sick. They won't want to tell me because they know I did not get the vax. I keep thinking 'no news is good news' but I know it is a potential lurking preparing to pounce, as it did for you. I am so sorry that our close ones would not listen to us.... take care! xx

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