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Money, Power, & Psychopaths

Bill Burr records an anti-technology rant in 2011. How does it compare today?

Trawling through video archives to pull out some gems for y'all.
Notice how this game is sparkling and glimmering more than it ever did when it was uploaded in 2011?
Under the light of a 2024 sky, these recorded voices sound clear and sane.
Words of strong men and women who correctly perceived what was coming for us in the near future.
The conviction behind what's said has aged like the finest of wines, and it only took 12-13 years to fully mature.
We can drink up now and enjoy the full bodied flavours of wisdom's wine.
Now that we've sufficiently matured into adulthood, we can also enjoy getting drunk.
And staying inebriated through the rest of adulthood, if we so wish!

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Video mirrored from TheFlexEffect channel - uploaded 3rd December 2011 with 1,683 views.

Also make sure to check out what photos and screenshots are used in this video.. Pretty Uncanny! Do I see the WEF? European Aristocracy? Zionist Billionaires? Plastic Hollywood Superstars? Donald Trump? Interesting Eye Symbols Too!

Uh. Here's some conspiracy theory for you.
Somebody said "Bill that they. Uh, he wrote: "They are watching!"

And um, I got trashed for talking about conspiracy theory. I've been trashed for talking about those automated checkout lines in the grocery store. and saying that I'm paranoid. And I'm afraid of technology, and all this technology is just gonna help my life and make my life more easier.
And why don't you trust these big fucking corporations?! Basically.
It's the shit that people are giving me.

So after getting trash for all you know, talking shit about all these corporations, and actually having the audacity to think that Bankers were all trying to team up and have One World Bank! You know?
To become the loan sharks for not only individual but actual countries. Okay?

Which is something that I was thinking about when I was at the Rose Bowl - Stone Sober.

And I was sitting there on the golf course.
And I was looking at these houses up on the ridge of this hill that actually looked down on the Rose Bowl. The granddaddy of them all.
These people have a house that looks down on it.

And I was actually envisioning that those were all Bankers up there.
And while the game was going on and 104, 000 people or 96,000 whoever showed up for that game were sitting there going fucking crazy.

One of those piece of shit Bankers up there could put his hand on his son's shoulder and be like:

"See all those people down there? They owe all of us money. They all owe me money, son.

I'm getting a piece of all of their fucking paychecks, and they don't even know it.
They don't even know that their daddy is looking down on them right now.

Now, had I been drinking that thought would have probably caused me to uh.. you know.. entertain the thought of climbing up that hill and throwing a rock through one of the windows.

Which of course I wouldn't have done. Because even my drunkest, I am aware that I don't want to go to jail and get raped.

And secondly I'm not going to go all the way up that fucking hill.
So what I would have done is I probably would have yelled at that kid with the light purple slacks. I would have commented really loud about that dude's fucking uh eczema flaking off into the back of his goddamn sweatshirt.


Um, so anyways this guy sends me this email and he says "uh, Bill the *Theys* in this blog,"
..when I say *They* are watching..
"are big business. Not the Illuminati, but they are just as evil as any bank or secret society."
"They don't even need your signature.." listen to this shit...
"They don't even need your signature for these information gathering traitor wear programs to monitor everything; from where the device is, to what your heart rate is.

What is Traderwear? That's the question I had.
Um, your digital camera may embed metadata into photographs with cameras serial number, or your location.
Your printer may be incorporating a secret code on every page it prints. Which could be used to identify the printer and potentially the person who used it.

Now, now the fucking morons, the dheep out there be like:
"Yeah! That's in case you threaten the President. They're just doing it for the good of all people!

If Apple puts a particularly creepy patent.. I guess Apple's applying for this. It recently applied for the use for...
You can look forward to a day when your iPhone may;
1. record your voice
2. take a picture of your location
3. record your heartbeat and send that information back to the Mothership.

This is Traitorware. Devices that act behind your back and betray your privacy.

Now this is what the moron sheep are going to be saying:
"Well if you ain't doing nothing wrong, what's the problem?"
That's the philosophy. That was the philosophy behind why they can record your phone calls now.
"If you ain't doing nothing we're tracing you! Come on frogs! You ain't doing nothing wrong!"
Do you realize how fucking dumb that mindset is?

So basically as long as you do what the people in power tell you what to do, you won't have a problem.
Do you understand how dangerous that is?
Do you understand how fucking stupid it is to have that level of faith in the people who rule you?

You know what I mean?
You haven't noticed how much power can fuck somebody over?
Like for some reason we only seem to focus on when celebrities get famous and then they wig out and start becoming these fucking mini tyrants..

For some reason people don't feel...
They just have like this.. because they wave the flag and they they.. and they play those songs that make you choked up..
That they never feel like that they'll have any sort of ulterior motive for this.

This is the type of Technology that allows a small group of people to take over the world!
Something that sociopaths have been trying to do since the beginning of time.
And they were never able to do it because at some point your army would be stretched too thin.
The Germans, the fuckin' Roman Empire. All that shit. At some point.. the fucking Japanese, all of them!
Everybody who' ever tried to fucking do it, at some point it gets stretched too thin.

So America what we've done is we've then we've we've done the uh..
"We're putting this base here to protect you"
..thing. That brilliant thing. That's how we got our world Empire.
So we just have a base. Then also we have these insane weapons where we can nuke everybody. So we were able to kind of do it that way.

But the problem is, is when you really get into sociopathic thought, and just like.. those people who are so into power that it makes their dick hard.

Is they want to know.. they want to be able to see everybody. Know what they're thinking and know what they're doing at all times. Because not only are they psychos, but with that level of power becomes this unbelievable level of paranoia.

Like those people with those houses sitting on the ridge looking down into the Rose Bowl.

There's a fear... like we sit there looking up at him go "look they got the fucking world!"

There is a fear of when you attain that level of wealth, of losing all of it.
And you, you begin on this, this Quest to quiet your mind.
You want, you wanna get a level of wealth and control in your life that you are guaranteed that it will never go away, in your lifetime. Or your kids lifetime. Or your kids kids.

So basically everybody that you know and love will be okay and you will be okay.
you get into that psychotic fucking mindset...
And uh, you give those kinds of people this level of fucking technology and you're gonna have a problem.

I think that's unbelievable that this shit is.
So they have this this website here. Uh, the EFF - Electronic Frontier Foundation - that is trying to fight these things being put into into the detect...
You know? The cameras, The cell phones and all that shit?
Like the fact that there's a tracking device in your cell phone!
Like how come we didn't get to vote on that?

How come we don't get to vote on that type of stuff? I don't want people knowing where the fuck I am at all goddamn times. Okay?
And I don't need you to show me:
"Oh! we caught this fucking uh, child molester with that. So because of that now everybody has to be logged."

Give me a fucking break!
They always have like, you know there's a handful of good examples for that level of fuckin' control. And then there's a zillion bad ones.

So I am 100% against this shit. And um.. there's always been evil people in the fucking world.

There's always going to be evil fucking people in the world. And when you get, when you have this kind of technology, they're gonna stop small evil.
Like, individual.. you know... Uh a fucking uh serial rapist. Which you definitely want to stop, alright?

But the price we're gonna pay is you're gonna allow a Stalin or a Hitler. Pol Pol. Whoever the fuck you wanted.. With that level of technology... Someone like that could get in power and and run the fucking world.

So you know I don't know.
And I totally 100% believe that. You could roll all your fucking eyes all you want. I honestly believe that.
And I also believe that the reason why there's so many of us right now - and that the people at the top are not fucking concerned about it - is because we're all expendable.

And when the waters rise up, the temperatures goes up and everything.. They're not going to be the ones who are drowning. You can guarantee that they're using our taxpayer money to build some sort of something, to make sure that they're okay.

And I think that their bailout plan - because they know they can't stop people from fucking - because it feels too goddamn good. And dicks and pussies are readily available to anyone.
It's like air, you know?

So I think what they're going to gradually do is phase us out with robots and automated shit.
Which is why I refuse to use it.

Now how fucking crazy do I sound right now?

Has there been anything funny in the last fuckin' five..
This is the shit that I truly believe.
You know, corporations own like the DNA of a grizzly bear.
That's why they don't give a fuck that they're cutting down it's habitat. They're like:
"I will fuckin grow another one in a petri dish."
"We're trying to take over everything."

And then wipe out.. I think they're going to try to wipe out the poor in the middle class. Keep a couple of us. Like a small handful of us, you know? The way that pandas are only in like uh zoos at this point or some shit?

I don't know. Maybe I picked the wrong fucking animal. But that that's, that's the direction I think it's going. All Right?

There's your first crazy rant! Which was based mainly in gut feelings, in a couple of emails. But um, I truly believe that.


So Bill Burr uses the metaphor of a small handful of Pandas forcefully kept in captivity to explain what awaits the human race in the future.

Funny coincidence, that fake panda zoo exhibit in China..
Ironic timing is dead on, comedic to the nth degree..

Anyway, here's Bill Burr with a second take recorded in 2021.

It's a lot shorter and to the point compared to his unhinged anti-technology 'Traitorwear' rant, originally uploaded in 2011.

Thank you for reading Elucidating the Obfuscated. This post is public so feel free to share it.


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