Sep 7, 2022 • 26M

Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste

aagabriel podcast #01 uploaded July 21st, 2022 onto #HIVE blockchain

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Elucidating the Obfuscated Investigations, Writing, Art and Archiving
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Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste - (original HIVE post)

Hello all,

This is my first try of a monologue style podcast and I think it turned out OK. It’s a vastly different experience to co-hosting a live weekly podcast. I’ve done that for over a year and it’s easier than doing a monologue style I think.

I’ve got a couple more monologues, with one almost ready to go. It’s about 9/11 and 2020 so it’ll be posted in a day or two.

Appreciate any feedback, thanks and bless!

Been trying to ignore the news and there's no better way to do that
than commenting on the news.

Burmac = Beazley ooops!
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