Every part of this post resonates. Are you me? The dissident ecosystem is real. In my case, I had been following the mRNA platform technology for 20 years. I was totally shocked when they rolled it out. Then when I understood this wasn't about science, not so shocked. Good stuff my friend. Love you.

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yes i wonder how i knew to at least look into the numbers. it could be growing up during 911 close enough to NYC to drive up a hill and see the plumes of smoke. this life chose me. for a very long time i had my feet up on the ride and saw life as such. a ride. it sure is. i also wanted to BE a writer or a film maker so i was always closely following things and double checking.

so i looked into the numbers. i wish i could recreate this scene accurately for you and have screen shots, but it was for my own peace of mind that i checked the john's hopkins map everyday until they changed the way to access the data and it became junk.

early in 2020, if you checked that map, you would see that C19 was never that deadly. that it was killing old people and the immunocompromised and i wasn't at risk. i had stopped watching or listening to news back when the trans stuff hit. that's ANOTHER story. but yeah, 911, transgenderism, the part of the matrix I call "The Shock Collar Society" all lead me to question what they were telling people and what was happening. i think also being interesting in PR and how those things worked helped.

i have always wanted to better understand the mechanizations of society and most people DON'T.

now i think it's God. God showed me all these things and made me who I am. i have a natural inclination towards writing, reading, researching, and just wanting to KNOW. the tricky thing with that is that knowing is actually nearly impossible in some cases.

in the case of C19 it was easy. i KNOW that they lied. i saw it happen in real time after checking that map multiple times a day. then i saw the map change the way to gave me data and i knew we were in for one heck of a ride.

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Nice article. From a young age my mum called me contrary. She gently taught me to love books. I felt the world tilt with this propaganda/psy-op and things never tilted back. The hordes of willingly blind are shuffling into the abyss and it does not feel like there is much we can do to open their eyes.

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That Covid 19 AMA Vaccine Guide is the very example of mind indoctrination. Very scary and very evil.

And yes, being a book reader helped as much as being able to remember quotes from days or weeks earlier, and thinking "Didn't you say opposite of that recently?"

The ability to file away info, and not being influenced by 30 second sound bites, is the core strength of reading books.

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Have thought similar things...

I remember talking to a mate about him taking the jabs before he did. I asked him if he remembers the books we had to read at high school- Steinbeck, Orwell, Huxley etc. He said he just watched the movies to pass the courses. He just wasn't interested... and now he's dead.

I have also thought that trust played a part. I can't remember trusting anything. I avoided the jabs at kindergarten by hiding. I lost trust in my parents advice at 7 years old and did not respect them then or now that their dead from their own advice.

Being shat on by life seems to have saved my life and I am hearing the same stories from my new friends ( had to get new ones as ALL the old ones are dead or soon to be)

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Many thanks for what you have done.

I am in the UK and I thought the whole thing was very odd. Whilst I welcomed the chance to be on furlough from April 2020 as I was struggling with my health, realised that something was very off.

By June 2020 I had the answers. If you are interested I did this post later but the Covid 19 Summary I did in Oct 2020. I have added some other sub-links later as I was able.


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