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The thing about being abused is that you can never hurt the abusers in the same way that they hurt you. With what we went through, there is a divide and there will always be a divide. I do not think that we will get justice. All we can do is endure. But I know that all the people who laid down their fluoro on the steps of Parliament with me Dec 1, 2021 are still out there. I am still out here.

Recently I told someone that early in 2020 I was the only person protesting in front of Parliament with a sign. When they locked down I said 'fuck this' and just showed up on my own with the covid CFRs. Two years later there were 80,000 of us in the Perth cbd.

They know we are still out here and it is going to be much harder to pull this on us again. We are mean as hell after what we went through. I'm on a hair trigger and will not tolerate any bullshit.

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I didn't lose my job but I'm experiencing heightened response to threat and an underlying sense of unease about living in a city and being reliant on a majority of inherently untrustworthy (easily duped) people

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