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I absolutely, completely get what you are saying, Gabriel. In so many ways, this is the story for so many if us. I haven't picked up a paintbrush in years, played music, consumed books like I used to. I am absolutely aware and locked in to what is now going on. Some would call it madness. I call it liberation and purpose. Sometimes I feel like Linda Hamilton in Terminator. Honing myself for one thing, and one thing only - a hard, sharp purpose. I, too, miss my flesh-family and friends. Desperately. But, strangely, I feel as though I have finally found myself. I was lost, before. I hope they try to find me. I'll reach out if I feel they are looking for me. Not in the physical sense. You know what I mean.

Call Roscoe. I think he is probably looking for you. If the worst has come to pass, it's better that you know.

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Hi Gabriel. Thankyou for sharing.

I mourned my family and then started a new one. This began on this platform finding like minds. I had not newly awakened in 2020 so was already partly battle hardened. My initial struggle was that I couldn't work this out on my own like normal. Eventually, after 6 months of absolutely zero alcohol I began to see that I was infected with so many lies that I was only seeing the external of myself. So I weeded and weeded and will weed forever. I found some clarity when I worked out that the anonymous psychopaths that have been controlling humanity since ancient Egypt have major weaknesses ( read my stuff if you like) Wondering how I found these conclusions so I studied psychopaths and then did numerous psychopat test on myself with absolute honesty. I got 29 out out of a maximum of 40. Shocked.! But not. I had been wondering for years why I feel nothing anymore. I had been losing what made me human for a very long time. Hopelessness, pointlessness, impotence, total nihilism had destroyed my humanity, but that was THE PLAN. I had fallen for THEIR plan.

With the support of some surprising humble and influential people like Margaret Anne Alice and Mathew Crawford, I started my Substack. I didn't want to and was anxious that I might be agreed with- luckily no one read it and few agreed so I was on the right track! I found it more of a healing process and remembering tool for my personal development into someone that finally walks the talk. I posted for a bit and influenced some influencers but then worked out that the real work and real change happens in the real world. So I am now building a community in my local rural area in preparation for the chaos that is inevitable , and coming soon.

I am sharing everything, my home, my land, my stuff, my heart and my mind. I am writing songs again after a 20 year silence. Work no longer exists for me. Helping people is not work anymore, it is a pleasure and it is also an essential survival tactic for this community.

I will shutup now. I wish you well!

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Mate, as someone who has known you throughout the pandemic, just let me say this.

However confused you may feel internally, from the outside looking in, you have conducted yourself with integrity and have been true to yourself throughout the pandemic. Sometimes even a little too much so (remember my warnings to tone it down and not leave all of yourself in a corporate email?).

We've all lost so much through this pandemic, I could relate to so much of what you say. But you haven't lost yourself mate, far from it.

You've found your true self.

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My studio space neighbour at the time that photo was taken saw what I was doing on my studio space walls and gave me a quote. She wrote out in calligraphy using ink and quill onto a fresh sheet of paper the following quote:

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”

― Albert Einstein


..and I stuck that piece of paper onto my wall, carried it with me around the country, sticking it on many walls of my many rented bedrooms. Funny how I just remembered her sweet gesture then!

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Wow I'm really enjoying your writing. I have written about Dieter Brummer a few times. His death hit hard and he has been erased from mainstream consciousness. My 'former life' ended when I saw the charges on building 7 flash and then the building fall neatly on it's own footprint. It has been a long, lonely 22 years but I never thought there would be so many people awake with me now. Ironically, it's not so lonely anymore. Old and young, black and white, the people see. The most astonishing and welcoming thing has been Muslim and Christian finally uniting against the evil sweeping the planet. Together? Together!

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