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"I believe that MandEval's (Mandate Evaluation's) primary research objective is to ameliorate as much potentially attributable risk and liability to stakeholders, members of academia and governments alike."


"I admit I'm not fluent in academic tertiary systems of education or how grant application procedures operate."

It's a club composed of the GO8 universities. Quality doesn't usually matter, only narrative.

"Medical Research Future Fund" may not be a competitive grant in the traditional sense but a cash funnel. Get a FOIA request from UWA Research Office and ask for the terms of the grant contract and the grant application (if one exists) as well as the ethics declaration. It's taxpayer funded so not commercial in confidence.

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Hopefully she (man devil... man eve L...Man Evil) and others like her took their own medicine. If they didn't, let's make sure they do as punishment for their crimes- all 5? shots at once by tranquilizer gun.

Thanks for exposing this crap. It stinks like something is about to rise from the graves upwind.

These morons will be piled 10 high in unmarked graves until we can find enough car tyres to burn them under.

Got to give the anonymous Globalists credit for this cleansing of the corrupt, the materialists and the dumb breeders, as it was well overdue.

They have overplayed their hand and they will be throwing everything at us ( including their expendable beurocrats and academics) for the next 12 months. SURVIVAL of this next period of insanity and chaos is critical, nothing else matters.

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Curious interview. I switched off the MSM years ago, but this was strange.

The questions asked were legit ones of the type we ask.

The responses were glib, hurried and non-committal. She definitely had those questions beforehand.

She was too bubbly, and spoke to fast, no time to slow down the conversation and actually think about the questions posed, like in a normal interaction.

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