This was really beautiful. Thank you. I'm really happy to have found your stack. You're not alone - at least you have me now.

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Like the bit about birds!

I have these little beasts living in my walls.

They sort of sum up the short lifecycle of the ' Australian ' culture '.


A male antechinus will mate for up to 14 hours at a time and then die of exhaustion shortly afterwards. During this two to three weeks of speed-mating, the male antechinus becomes so focused on sex that he doesn't eat, drink, or sleep. Instead, during these two to three weeks of sexual frenzy, testosterone-fuelled males have violent, frenetic sexual intercourse with as many females as possible. He does little else. Their sex drive is so all-consuming that the male's body is stripped of proteins, and his immune system shuts down to release all available resources for procreation. So it isn't long before the poor male is worse for wear. His fur begins to fall off, and his internal organs slowly disintegrate. Without an effective immune system, he shows signs of disease. But the poor creature is still after more sex until it eventually kills him.

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